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The art of the bluff

According to the 2006 WSOP champ, Jamie Gold, he would like to be recognized as the best bluffer in the poker world. But if his last tournament is any indication, his wish may not come true at all.

The setting is the 2007 Doyle Brunson Five Diamond World Poker Classic held at the Las Vegas Bellagio in 2007. Featuring $50 – $100 blinds and a $15,000 buy-in, Darrell Dicken is just barely holding on. The seat 4 player has just raised his wager to $300, a minor increase with only one player taking the bait. “I put him as being weak,” Jamie said, “I was thinking about raising, but instead I just called with a 10-3 of hearts to see what would happen.”

Jamie believed that Brad Booth would make a move, which he did. He re-raised to $1600 from the big blind. Gold had the idea that Booth had a good hand, but he was in an excellent position to make a move taking into account the quantity of dead money in the pot. Dicken folded, and the unknown in Seat 4 called Booth’s raise.

Now there was over $4000 in the pot, so Jamie raised the wager by $4000. His thought was, only if someone else had aces or kings there would be no chance they would make that call. Jamie’s strategy was to make a huge move on the flop, as long as no ace came up. The second part of his strategy was to get Booth to fold, which he did. Booth folded with pocket queens.

Out of the flop there was an ace of ace-6-5, two clubs. The player in seat 4 checked and Jamie bet $2000. Jamie’s initial thought was to make him think that he had clubs. Seat 4 tossed out a $10,000 chip, but didn’t say anything thus changing his raise into a call. Jamie’s thought was that seat 4 definitely had an ace, but you have to look after it in case he hits his set on the upcoming poker card.

A 2 of hearts was dealt on the turn, and Jamie decided to fold to what he thought was a top pair kicker. Seat 4 displayed a king-jack off suit. Seat 4 fooled Gold by bluffing with a superb hand, he made a great poker play and continued with the bluff to the end of the poker tournament.

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