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Team Play Advantages


Pooling your sources together will enable each player to have a bigger bankroll that they can use to afford playing in higher-staked games and bet larger amounts of money. The larger the bets, the larger revenues everyone would eventually win.

Instead of going solo, you now have a good team working with you, behind you, and supporting you all the way. You can all learn from each other’s strengths and weakness, allowing each member to eventually improve their own game – and have fun doing so

Team Play Disadvantages

Friendships could be strained or damaged should things not work out well with the team. A team member might panic in the heat of the game and do things his way apart from the team’s original gameplan.

There could be chance for betrayal, particularly for team members that you really don’t know that well.

The Composition of a Good Blackjack Team

The total number of players in a blackjack team is not fixed although it would only be logical to start with four members. The key thing here is to stay under the radar of the casino lookouts. Although team play and card counting is not illegal, casinos frown on this practice and will eventually blacklist any team identified of doing so.

The characteristics of a good team that will have better chances of beating the house and winning the game of blackjack are as follows:

Team members should be honest and trustworthy

Members have specific skills and playing abilities depending on the part they play

Each player should share the same philosophy and expectations

Like-minded and aiming for the same goals

Lastly, the team should have someone who is willing and able to take on the task of leadership and as manager of the team. He is the one responsible for ensuring that everyone in the team sticks to the gameplan and follow rules that everyone has agreed to. He would also be the one to make the final decisions that would be inline with the team’s objectives and goals.

Having all these elements together and properly in place, everyone would be on their way of getting financial success in this team sport called blackjack.

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