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Tasmania Introduces New Problem Gambling Safeguards


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Published on April 11, 2009 by April Gardner

The Australian state of Tasmania is being proactive in their attempt to curb problem gambling. They have announced new measures that will be taking place to help ensure that gambling addiction does not get worse.

The recent Social and Economic Research Study detailed problem gambling, and the Tasmanian government has not taken these findings lightly. Michael Aird, the Treasurer for Tasmania, claims the new measures will help keep problem gambling to a minimum.

“The consumer protection measures are aimed at protecting all gamblers not just problem gamblers,” said Aird, “The current voluntary code of practice for gambling will be replaced by a mandatory code.”

Among the changes that will take place will be stricter restrictions to stop minors from gambling. There also will be an emphasis on making it more difficult to access cash when at gambling locations.

Gaming staff members will receive enhanced training to help them spot when problem gambling is taking place. There will also be new restrictions on the amount of comps, either in food or free play, that gaming establishments can give away.

“These new measures will ensure that Tasmania has the best harm minimisation practices in Australia,” said Aird.

Keno Gambling And Alcohol To Come Together In Connecticut?

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The state of Connecticut already has casinos that allow gambling and alcohol consumption in the same place. Now, lawmakers are considering a proposal that would expand gambling into state bars and other recreational establishments.

Lawmakers are considering a plan to legalize electronic keno gambling. If approved, the machines could be placed in bars, restaurants, and other locations where leisurely activity is offered.

“The state needs money and as has been the case around the country, lawmakers are turning to gambling,” said observer Walter Respart, “Whether or not this is a good idea? Only time will tell.”

Supporters of the new plan point to the several positives that electronic keno could bring to the state. First and foremost, is the opportunity to close a budget deficit of over $8 billion. Estimates have the machines bringing in as much as $40 million in additional revenue to Connecticut.

Opponents of the expanded gambling are concerned about the alcohol and gambling being at the same location. They claim that there is potential for an increase in problem gambling when mixing the two.

While many states are simply legalizing casino gambling, Connecticut must go a step further. They already have legalized casinos, and are looking for a way to increase revenue without having to add more casinos in the state.

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