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Slots or Lottery?

The last time the popularity of lotteries has grown considerably. But which is better? Play slots online and try to win online slot jackpot or play in a lottery and hope you will win the grand prize.For long time now the most popular form of gambling have slots machines. Their popularity is high in both land-based casinos and online casinos. But did you know that the two main reasons that make slots so popular also make lotteries equally attractive? What makes slots games so popular?

The first thing is the simplicity of Solts Games and classic slots in particular is very easy to play. The rules are so easy to learn, and the game is so simple that anyone can play it. The second reason why slots are so popular is the great online slot jackpot. Because anyone can play the game, you can win a big jackpot. And it is a well known fact that the slots have the most and the biggest payouts of any casino game. In fact, paying more than all the other casino games together. It will give you something to think about, especially if you have been looking down on slots players.

No other casino game offers the player a chance to win a jackpot as high as $ 30,000 and sometimes as high as 3 million US dollars with a bet of only $ 1. But slots offer just that payment opportunity.In this regard lotteries are very similar slots game. They offer the same opportunity to get a very large down payment with a minimal investment. If you take a good look you will notice that out of the original 1 kr only 50 pence or half goes to the prize fund. This means that the lottery has a very low payout rate.

You will get a payout of between 89% and 99.5%, when playing online slots. Even if you play in a land based casino and get a payout rate that varies from 65% to 85% still better to play slots than playing the lottery. It is obvious that you have better odds when playing slots than by playing Best Slots Casino There are other lotteries that offer different payouts. Some are better than the UK Lottery, and some are worse. But no matter what type of lottery you play, Slots always offer better odds. And all the slots games offer online slots better odds than land-based casino slots. If you manage to get six winning numbers, you will get a massive payout.

This will make all online slot jackpot look very small. Even progressive online slot jackpots seem small compared to a lottery 6 numbers win. But your chances of getting the lucky six numbers are 1 in 14 million. You have better odds of being struck by light than by winning the top prizes. When it comes to being struck by lighting your chances are 1 in 600,000 and some have even been hit by lighting several times. But so far we have not heard of anyone winning the top prizes more than once.

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